Our Clients

These are just a few of our clients who are suffering from some form of hair loss and now experiencing a more natural look from one of our hair replacement systems, (cranial hair prosthetic).

Besides dealing with the hair loss, our clients have to endure the financial burden of maintaining a natural look. We make efforts to invoice their insurance companies but the few who do have coverage, the insurance companies only cover a small percentage of the on going treatment per year.

Our goal is to raise funds to have available for any hair loss client who qualify for treatment, to receive those necessary funds for treatment anywhere in the world they may be receiving treatment.

Hair truly defines a wide range of things for women. A woman’s hair makes up their personality, attractiveness, success, health and social status, just to name a few. Losing it can have a dramatic effect on both self esteem and social life. Many women feel that with their hair, they've lost a large part of who they are.

Atlanta Chapter raised $3200 for Ms Shirley Batchelor to receive hair loss laser therapy and DHT blocklers for one year. Ms Batchelor suffers severe hair loss on the crown and back of her scalp.

Carrie Rey,  (Utica Ms), received free Cool Laser light home treatments sponsored by I am Beautiful Women's Foundation.

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