By becoming a member you will be assisting us in our efforts in seeking funding to assist you, your love ones and many other who have some form of hair loss.


Your information concerning the extent of your hair loss will remain confidential unless you grant us permission to make public.

We have two type members, members who are experiencing hair loss and supporting members

At this time the major focus of our organization is to provide financial support to women and young girls who are suffering from hair loss as a result of a medical condition to include genetic alopecia.  We will be raising money by collecting donations as well as by holding a variety of different fundraising events.  The funds we raise will be used to cover expense of scalp and hair treatments, which are often viewed as cosmetic and as a result not covered by insurance.    

In additional to providing support to individuals who have experienced hair loss we will also be offering a training program designed to teach hair stylist and other professionals how to properly identify medically related hair loss.  This will be done through a 2 day training program that will cover topics that include, but are not limited to, identifying hair loss, causes of hair loss, treating hair loss and preventing hair loss.  This program will be lead by local experts who will be volunteering their time.

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